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Our home is your pets home

Furry Feet Pet Sittingof Naples


​Smooches are free

   1. Overnight Stays  ​  

      $40.00 per one pet

      (Each 24 hour period)

      $30.00 for an additional family pet

​      Free walks, free play during stay!


    4. Selsun Blue Doggie Baths
        Have your dog bathed the old               fashioned 
way, in the tub    

        $15.00 per bath

  3. Pick and Drop Off Your Pet (s)

       Anywhere in Naples                         

       $10.00 each way


 Menu of  4 Services​  


     2.  Day Stays

             Drop off in the morning

             Pick up the same day  

​          $25.00 per day