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Furry Feet Pet Sittingof Naples


​  ​Our Process.....

​   We want to you feel comfortable with us as your pet sitters. That is why our first get together is a free meet  and greet.

​     Once you call us, email us, or submit a  request for a free consultation, we will contact you to set up an interview  so together we can evaluate your pet needs and property services.

​     STEP ​​1


  • ​Answer all of your questions about our services
  • Interact with your pets to establish a relationship

     STEP 2

​     Fill out necessary forms and paperwork so that we

  • ​Have detailed notes and directions about your pet's habits, food, toys, exercise routines, veterinarian information and medical history
  • ​Learn about your pet food, collars, leashes, treats, and anything we need to care for your pet​
  • ​Review emergency contact information, medical instructions, permission forms, and directions for how to contact you if necessary

​     STEP 3​

​     Upon review of our services, we will ask that you sign and approve the service contract

     STEP 4

​     After this meeting, your pet's information will be stored on file via computer to ensure consistent quality care  for your pet so when you need a pet sitter in the future, it will be as easy as making a phone call

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